The Mexican Association of Habitats for the Interaction and Protection of Marine Mammals A.C. (AMHMAR) is a non-profit organization, comprising mexican leader companies in the field. It’s main purpose is to protect and preserve sea mammals that are being cared by humans, in order to promote the conservation of the oceans through education.

Our associates have more than 100 years of experience altogether; and for the past three decades they’ve invested in the welfare and quality of life of marine mammals under human care. In fact, these sum up to a total of 302 specimens, registered in the SEMANRNAT (Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources).

AMHMAR represents the main companies that integrate more than 95% of the habitats for the interaction and protection of marine mammals. These members keep a fixed and permanent infrastructure, that complies with the regulations and certifications under the strict supervision of the authorities.


Guarantee the welfare of marine mammals under human care, assuring continuous education programs through our ambassadors of marine life, thus contributing to the protection of the species and conservation of the oceans.


Being the only Mexican non-profit organization in interaction and conservation of marine mammals under human care, to be a permanent source of reliable information regarding the importance of these habitats when it comes to the conservation of the oceans and its specimens.


  • Honesty and Transparency

  • Respect for standards and regulation without distinction

  • Social Responsability

  • Promote and exercise strict care of the environment

  • Promote the animal welfare


“Free Willy to Killing Keiko: A Cautionary Tale of the World’s Most Famous Whale.“


January 11th, 2017
Mexico City

La última esperanza para vaquita marina.


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