Do you think you know or do you actually know?

Every day we receive a lot of information in the media and social networks, and everything happens so fast that we do not stop to verify if what we receive is true and without more we label it as a truth, nevertheless there is a great Difference between what we believe and what we know. In the subject of dolphins under human care, we gave ourselves the task of doing this little exercise to make sure that you are of those who know and not of those who believe, in relation to many of the myths about these wonderful animals. Let's start by establishing the difference between "Believe" and "Know."

Thinking to know: Think, judge, suppose something and accept it as truth.
Knowing: Having the certainty of a statement, based on facts and evidence.
If you receive information that comes from a source that you consider reliable, take it for granted that it is a truth and do not take the time to check if what they say is true or not. If for some reason, you realize later that it was a lie, then you THOUGHT YOU KNEW the truth.

The questions presented below relate directly to Marine Mammals under human care and their sole purpose is to provide reliable information about the subject.

1. Are you one of those who believes that Mexico allows the capture of marine mammals or are you the one who knows that Mexico prohibited the capture of specimens for more than 10 years?
SSource NOM 135: That in the modifications to the General Law of Wildlife published on January 10, 2002, article 60 BIS, it is forbidden the extractive exploitation with the exception of the capture that has for object the scientific investigation and the superior education of Certified institutions.

2. Are you one of those who believes that dolphins are deprived of their food or are you one of those who knows that dolphins have balanced diets according to their age and physical activity?

3. Are you one of those who believes that dolphins work all day or are you one one of those who knows that dolphins interact with humans for no more than 4 hours a day?

4. Are you one of those who believe that dolphins live in confined spaces or are you aware that habitats meet Mexican and international standards and that exceed at least 3 times the required spaces?
Source: Dimensions required for Marine Mammal habitats stipulated in NOM 135.

5. Are you one of those who believes that dolphins amuse people or are you the one who knows that by educating visitors about these wonderful animals, they become advocates of marine life and environmental guardians?

Sources: Harris Interactive conducted a survey in 2005 where 95% of respondents had an educational impact on the conservation of animals and their environment after having interacted with them in zoos, aquariums or parks. 96% also agreed that these sites provide valuable information about the importance of oceans, seas and the biodiversity that inhabits them. Roper Starch Canda: It is a national marketing and public opinion service trade union that provides clients in the industry with expertise in both private and public market research. It conducted a study in 1998 to guests who visited Alliance members' facilities and found that 94% of respondents said that their experience with Marine Mammals had an impact on their appreciation and knowledge of these animals. In 1998, the National Scine Teachers Association formally recognized the educational value of zoos and aquariums in informal science education, which is essential during their school years and for life.

6. Are you one of those who believes that dolphinarians produce profits only for Entrepreneurs or are those who know that generate employment and support to the community for several million pesos a year, in addition to contributing to the rescue of species through Network of strandings? This would not be possible without the deep veterinary and physiological knowledge of Marine Mammals.

7. Are you one of those who believe that dolphins die prematurely and do not exceed the year of life or are those who know that under human care can double their life expectancy? Source: Alliance

8. Are you one of those who believes that the killing of dolphins in Taiji (Japan) is done to capture them for shows or are you know that this practice has hundreds of years and is carried out by fishing villages to ensure that fish stocks do not declineAnd have a living?
Source: Wikipedia, History of Taiji

9. Are you one of those who believe that there are millions of dolphins under human care or do you know that globally there are only 3,500 dolphins in about 300 aquariums and dolphinariums?

10. Are you one of those who believes that dolphins at sea are free from danger or are you one who knows that nearly half a million marine mammals die every year from pollution, fishing nets, stranding and killing in fisheries?

11. Are you one of those who believes that marine mammals can easily integrate into the wild or are you of those who know that they depend on the human to survive?
Sources: Mark Simmons, author of the book Killing Keiko (2015). The report of the Canadian Advisory Committee on Marine Mammals concluded that the release of whales and dolphins, which have been in marine life parks for extended periods of time, is inappropriate (1992)

Are you one of those who thought you knew the truth? Now you really do.